September 2017

Good morning,

His business card read: Hemiunu, Pyramid Builder.

In 2570 BC, armed with blueprints, surveyor's tools and unlimited slave labor, Hemiunu rolled up his sleeves to fashion the world's most elaborate coffin for Khufu, Pharaoh of Egypt. And, in doing so, constructed one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World—the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Even then, pyramid construction was not your run-of-the-mill business. There were no mail order kits to buy, no Home Depot for supplies, no Pyramids Are Us showrooms to visit.

Hemiunu's job was the equivalent to carving Mt. Rushmore with a butter knife or fitting the Eiffel Tower with pliers. And today, no other man-made monument compares in size, detail and sheer amazement.

This expertly designed rock pile celebrates the imagination of the dreamer as well as the aching back of the doer. The Great Pyramid stands 481 feet above the desert floor and covers 13 acres. It remained the tallest man-made structure for nearly 4,000 years. It contains more than two million stone blocks, each averaging 2½ tons. And inside the pyramid's core are almost a quarter-mile of passageways, elaborate chambers, and several trap doors.

It's an architectural marvel, yet its massive complexity is built upon a very simple equation—D x S + E + T=GP, or Design multiplied by Substance plus Energy plus Time equals Great Pyramid.

Interestingly enough, it's the same equation used in evangelism.

As with building a pyramid, bringing eternal life to the human soul is never an instantaneous event. The words quick and conversion are mutually exclusive. The battle for the heart wouldn't stand for a one-round knockout. In fact, the phrase quickie conversions is code for, "Don't you believe it!" What appears to be instant believe-ism is most often a product of misunderstandings, deceptions, or both.

The act of redeeming a human soul is built upon God's design, magnified by His Son's death, faithfully proclaimed until the human heart succumbs to God's incomparable gift.

How many questions had Nicodemus asked himself before he brought his list to Jesus? How much heartbreak had the Samaritan woman felt before she gave her heart to the Savior? How many Christian testimonies had Saul silenced before he yielded to their message? How much bondage had the Philippian jailor experienced before he asked, "What must I do to be saved?"

A soul's conversion is a journey from 1 to 100. Each step is linked to the next; no motion is wasted. It goes something like this:

  • A man, invited to church, hears the gospel for the first time—1 to 6.
  • He hears a friend’s testimony—11 to 14.
  • Curiosity causes him to read from God’s word—19 to 27.
  • A co-worker shares the love of Christ—30 to 36.
  • A Christian concert takes him from—41 to 45.
  • He tunes in to hear teaching on Christian radio—47 to 54.
  • He’s back in church with an open mind—58 to 70.
  • He asks a friend about your message—70 to 74.
  • More Christian radio on a sleepless night—77 to 81.
  • Someone walks him through the plan of salvation—84 to 90.
  • He observes Christ-likeness in a friend—93 to 98.
  • He prays a prayer of faith and repentance—99 to 100.

And the angels rejoice.

No word or action was wasted. Witnessing's accrual, all at the perfect moment, paid eternal dividends. And the end result is the redemption of a human soul—one of the truest wonders of the world.

God's divine construction plan uses every message you give, every testimony shared, and every teaching program our stations air, "…so that the body of Christ may be built up."

There are no throw-away Sundays, no unimportant preaching times. Every time you stand before your people and proclaim, "Thus says the Lord…" raises their notch of understanding and contributes to their walk with God.

Hemiunu has nothing on us. We're master builders too. Our tools are timeless. And what we're constructing will outlive the pyramids by an eternity.

Build away!


Ron Walters
Senior Vice President
Ministry Relations

© Copyright 2017 by Ron Walters

Ron Walters

You may freely share anything in this letter with your church or ministry. I ask only that you include this byline: "Provided by Ron Walters, Sr. VP Ministry Relations, Salem Media Group," and that you link back to this website (if you reprint online).

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